Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Samples

I just found this, thought you guys might like to try it!!! Dove is giving away free samples of their Daily Treatment Conditioner.  Sign up at the link below....:)


I added 2 pages to my blog, they are under construction, but I've started them. If you care to look, they are about meal planning and keeping your house organized and clean. :) Tell me what you it easy to understand? I need to add more, I haven't been able to gather everything together though. :)

I added a new blog about meal planning,

Friday, April 23, 2010


What are some of your best tips and advice on raising kids?

I have so many, but only a few are ones I've really tried and worked at with my kids.

* One would be correction vs. discipline. I used to discipline the kids everytime they would do something wrong, as time went on I realized the need for correction rather than discipline. For example if Jeremiah asks me to get him a sandwich impolitely I used to tell him not to speak to me that way and send him to the corner. Now I will say," instead of using a mean tone, could you ask me again the proper way?" and if he does, I'll praise him and if he doesn't, than we see his heart and treat that issue accordingly with discipline.

* Obviously we know to be consistent, but how about timing??? The 1st call , the 2nd call, the 3rd answer....WHAP!!! I don't do that, but I get angry if my laziness is being tested by my child's lack of cooperation. 1st time you ask, they should answer, 1st time they don't, you should assist the situation...makes for a happier mommy and kids.

* Eating properly, sleeping properly, exercising properly(esp. with boys) and doing daily tasks on a schedule helps keep the home feeling orderly and knit together. Shopping isn't half as bad with 3 kids when they aren't tired or hungry.

I could go on and on, but those are the ones I'm thinking about now...what are yours???? :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

this is so GAY

I'm serious. Rumor has it that Jennifer Knapp came out of the closet and says she's a lesbian and has been the past 8 years. My husband says to not let it bug me, but how can I NOT let it bug me? She was my favorite musical artist for most of my childhood, so many emotions and nostalgia is wrapped up in her's just kind of creepy now. I shouldn't be so upset and judgmental, I know...The Lord loves her the same as me. Can she be a lesbian and a Christian though???? What do you think? I believe this question will arise WAY more now than ever and we need to be equipped. Christian, let's go before God and ask Him how to handle the overtly pushy gay society we live in and still be able to humbly admit we are not only narrow-minded, but close minded about what the Bible has to say. AND love them like crazy and not feel annoyed. That's really hard for me to write, but I know God doesn't want me to be rude, hate, or push gays away, that's not HIS heart for's mine...*deep breath* Father, forgive me...

Friday, April 9, 2010



Today I went to my mom's to let the kids say hi and to hop on her stationary bicycle machine and get some exercise. I only did a 30 minute, workout, but it's all good. I felt better afterward and it got my heart a-pumping. My mom likes to read different popular women's magazines that she checks out from her local library, while she's working out. Great idea, for free reading material. What do you guys focus on or do to pass time while exercising? Leave a comment and let me know, I'd love to know since my focus was a rather interesting one today.

I just didn't feel like looking at perfect, flawless models and reading more beauty tips(do they ever run out of ideas?), so I ignored the magazine rack and started peddling. I was huffing and puffing in the first minute, lol. I thought of the Lord and wanted to sing praises to Him, but I have no natural talent for singing and it always takes a lot of effort for me to produce even a joyful noise...and even more so while exercising. So, I opted out on that one, though I did offer praises in my heart...than my mind started wandering. This time to a good place.

I closed my eyes and started visualizing my old house in Laramie, WY(moved away almost a year ago). Imaginatively I hopped on my bike and rode down the driveway, passing old neighbors houses in my memory and thinking about each person within those walls. I turned the corner and headed for the street light of the major connecting road into "town"...I passed the Harley Davidson equine tackle shop...a little quaint general store, gas station, and headed under an overpass highway bridge. Next I imagined the old, famous territorial prison and wondered about it's I rode on my little bike(which never even existed in real life), I thought of peddling up hill, pushing harder and harder, make every peddle count! then relaxing on the down hill and cruising down a bridge into town. I stopped at Safeway, chaining up my bike and walking in. I couldn't believe how I sill remembered the lay out of the store and walked through it in the hallways of my memory. I visited the Bath and Body works next door, then headed a few blocks south to the historic, old, cowboy downtown. I passed my FAVORITE restaurant and opted out of dessert since I'm not eating sugar right now(it's true), then I decided to buy my kids toys at a local children's boutique....SO, as I'm fully captivated in my closed eyed day dream the door comes busting open and my mother looks at me funny as I jump a little and open my eyes...hahaha...what a was fun re-visiting Laramie. :) But, I need some new things to fix my mind on while exercising...ideas???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today my husband and I organized the garage. Most of the credit goes to him. I joined in toward the end of the day.. As we cleaned and prepped the shelves for painting, the kids ran around the house spilling cheerios all over the living room, with a movie blaring...I actually feel really guilty about that. Does anyone else let their kids roam the house unsupervised while doing housework? It's not often around here, but today it had to happen.

Ok, the point of the story, I was cold and wanted to go inside and make sure the kids weren't being too bad, and then as my husband and I have on our grubbies and have white primer all over our hands and clothes, he turns to me and says,"I love this. I love doing stuff like this with you. I would hate painting if I were in here alone, but I'm really enjoying it because we are doing this project together." Did that comment make the whole time climbing up and down the ladder, bumping my arm into wet paint over and over, worth it? oh yeah!

So, we had a good day, but it didn't start out that way...this morning I was letting insecurity get the best of me and thinking I was ugly and worthless in my husbands eyes, yet again. I was doing dishes and thought, "NO! I'm not going to ruin my day by thinking this way. I will not let what my husband thinks of me be more important than what God thinks of me." I remembered some of the promises of God and how much He loves me and finds me beautiful. I prayed to God and told Him my feelings on the matter and we worked past it. I was still having a hard time wanting to love my husband though. God and I were tight...but that guy over there, do I have to love him? :) God gave me a love for him by asking me to respect him today. To clear things up, my husband didn't say anything or make me feel bad in anyway. I'm just phenomenal at assuming things. lol

Moral of the story:

Marriage is so hard, especially if your continually assuming your spouse is uninterested in you...

Don't let your husbands view of you take preference over God's. (God is interested in YOU)

that is so important to living a secure life in Christ

and being able to love your spouse despite the way you think they feel toward you.

BTW, I totally love my husband and highly encourage others to love theirs as well. I'm brutally honest and don't always feel like loving my better half, :)