Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OK, this seems fun! 12 new things!

12 months, 12 things I've never done...1 month per accomplishment! Inspired by this blog.

August- Pick up an old Bible Study, on my shelf I never did and finish it!!! :)
September- Start first official year of homeschooling my children
October- Teach myself how to belly dance(buy costume too)
November- Read a book (an recommendations?), I'm not much of a reader, so there are A LOT I've never read.
December- Bake Christmas Cookies everyday from the 1st to the many new ones to try...
January- Jump rope for 3.5 minutes straight-no breaks(lol, I can barely reach a minute now)
February- Learn to play a video game that my husband likes
March- Paint a picture for my house (we need decor bad!)
April- Make something fermented or raw each day of this month
May- Learn basic digital photography(self teach)
June- find a shooting range and do some target practice(haven't done it yet in WA)
July- Teach myself to sew, a dress for my daughter will be first project

Will you join me??? It's SO fun. Please leave a comment and let me know what you are doing to do!!!OR I just figured out the Linky thing, SO you can also LINK UP!!! : D

Cupcakes arrived!!!

Here are the cupcakes I won that just arrived in the mail. There were 12 minicupcakes. Caleb's fingers are in the last picture, at 4 yrs old, he just couldn't resist! :)

They were frozen when they arrived in a very nice packaging. I'm thawing 5 of them for dessert tonight. I put the other 7 in the freezer, apparently they keep in the freezer up to 1 month. COOL!!! Thanks to