Saturday, April 24, 2010


I added 2 pages to my blog, they are under construction, but I've started them. If you care to look, they are about meal planning and keeping your house organized and clean. :) Tell me what you it easy to understand? I need to add more, I haven't been able to gather everything together though. :)

I added a new blog about meal planning,


craftykat said...

I think I need to implement the cleaning system. My mother in law has talked about it for years, and I think I'm at the point of being ready to try that. I really need the organization of it, I always feel so scattered and overwhelmed by it all. I honestly believe that if I had a plan (and somewhat of a "schedule" - including exercise in that schedule, I'd have a lot more time than I FEEL like I have.

Mariah said...

It is SO true what you said. I usually feel like I don't have time for anything, but when I'm on that schedule, it's truly amazing how many times I ask the kids what they want to do...:) We should get together and I'll show you my 3-ringed binder to give you some inspiration...of course, you, being so crafty, will probably put together some visually pleasing as well. Actually, I would like to work on something like that with you. :)

craftykat said...

I would love to get together (well I want to anyway) but to see how you have it put together- I really need a visual. As far as the making it all cute and such, I'm actually pretty lazy with most stuff for myself.. :) I still like things nice looking, but yeah... I'm lazy too... :) but that would be fun to work on together, jumpstart me- it's always easier when you have someone to walk you through it first..