Friday, September 10, 2010

At My House 2

Well, my brave husband heroically saved the day when he found the mouse again after coming home from shopping. Behind the head of our bed (the only place we didn't look). Oh, it was gross. And 20 minutes of screaming, shouting, and hoping around our room like gorillas and we catch the mouse! My husband took care of it. And I fell into bed a nervous wreck, but happy to feel some-what safe to sleep. The next day I found 2 places the mouse/mice had taken residence in my room. Behind the head of my bed being one of them!!! Blach!!! I can't believe it! *shivering*

After I cleaned everything really well, and put it all back...I was a little happier and a little less nervous. Until "attack of the mice strikes again"! Round I am looking at myself in a mirror, I see through the mirror that behind me is another mouse, running for my bed!!! Geesh! Now I'm freaking out like crazy. 2???? I thought one was just a freak accident. So I again fly on top of my hope chest screaming for my brave 4 and 5 yr old sons to come save me. Their daddy was at work, after all. :( Well, the boys were great little mouse hunters at first. I found 2 clear boxes handed them each 1 and told them where the beast was. My 4-yr old is a little spacey and silly and let the mouse go right pass him. It went into my closet. Again, the shoes must ALL come out. They are being flung left and right...until we spy the little critter at the back of the closet. My boys all of a sudden chicken out and I threaten them with my life to press on!!! (lol, i'm terrible). So they do, but the mouse runs pass again to the other side of the room, where a closet door is leaning against a wall. Behind the door is the mouse. I position one boy on one end of the door and the other boy on the other end. I teach them how to carefully hold the box, so they can trap the mouse. I shake the door. The mouse runs to my oldest boy(who's doing great at this), right when the mouse gets to the box he turns around fast as lightening and runs toward the space cadet child. My younger son is goofing off like usual, and falls over pressing his box to the ground. In that split second the mouse had run into the box and was trapped. I hip, hip, horrayed the rest of the day. My 2 little heroes!!! I should mention though, that threatening them for my life meant telling them they could have the biggest ice cream EVER if they just catch the mouse!!! They did. We took them to a frozen yogurt land, and they enjoyed the heroic ice cream of their choice.

Hero 1
Hero 2 (having a pity moment)
The beast, my husband took care of when he got home from work...yuck!!!