Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Quick tips to encourage New Moms

For any moms out there with toddlers and babies, 
here are 3 of my own personal tried and true tips. 
I may have been given them before from a friend, or I may have made them up.
Either way, I think they are great!

1. If you have a young toddler at home and about to have another baby...a great bonding time with the 3 of you, after baby is born, is to sit together on the couch and read to your toddler while you're nursing your newborn. Toddler won't feel totally replaced, and you'll be able to keep better tabs on him/her while stuck to the couch. :)

2. If you have toddlers who able to sit up in the bath well(2yr+), let them play in the tub with shave cream, tub crayons(with out water first), then take a bath...during that time you get to clean the bathroom or fix hair nicely and put on make-up while keeping eye on the little one(s).

3. Laundry...blah, anyone? I don't think so, why? Because we've turned it into a game at my house. The kids LOVE to help with laundry, granted, not every day, but many times during the week. Here's my routine plus game:
A) I gather up all the dirty laundry accumulated the day prior each morning after waking up. I sort it into piles until I have a pile large enough to wash. I usually wash 1-2 loads per morning, ever morning. Every afternoon, while dinner is cooking, and I have an extra moment, I sit and fold. My kids sometimes help with folding, but at age 5,4, and 2, that's not their favorite thing to do.So, they are my delivery men.

B) Delivery Game- I ask them to pick an animal. They choose whatever they can think of, lets say Tiger. I say "Ok, you are a Tiger, traveling through the jungles of monkey island, hop high and fast all the way to "Busy's Cave"(my daughters room), be ware of the poisonous snakes." They will grab the pile of folded laundry that belongs in my daughters room and set it on the floor in her closet after hopping through the house to her room. If it's their own room they are delivering to, they put the clothes away where they belong. Once we are done. I go into each room and put everything away correctly. It's really quick to do.

Have any more tips for newer moms??? Leave them in the comments section!