Monday, December 28, 2009

Recap of the holidays 2009

*While shopping for stocking stuffers (the kids helped pick out their own), Scholar had accidentally given me a black eye in the candy aisle and all 3 kids were going nuts(shouting, running, trying to jump out of the cart) and I was about to lose it, so a complete stranger hugged me and said, "it's ok mom!"...haha, funny. nice old lady!

*Busy(15 months) got a rash Christmas morning...we are really worried it's linked to the raw milk she drank...aye!

*Our Christmas tree was purchased about 4 days before Christmas for only $2.50...awesome! It was a nice 6' tree originally $40.

*I made my first turkey, it was yummy, but not very presentable...all the meat fell off the

*Busy got a sleeping beauty Christmas "ornament" that plays music and spins in a circle. Busy loves pressing the button to listen and watch and then gets up and spins around herself...super cute!

*Ham(3yo) said "mom, why is it Christmas evil?" haha, I said, "no baby, it's Christmas EVE...that just means the day before Christmas." He was concerned about me wishing him a merry christmas funny.

All in all, it was fun...Happy New Year of are getting futuristic now!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

K-kids "It's A .....!"

Genius and Meek sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

Our first child was born on a cold Wyoming-wintery day in December. A boy! a thrill of joy! He was perfect with an amazingly, text-book-perfect labor and delivery! 6lbs 15 1/2 oz. He would have been 7lbs, but he lost 1/2 an oz when he drenched the nurse with urine as she carried him over the scale. HAHAHA! and he's been a pill since...but a total marvel to have around.

We named him "Scholar".

He was so cute. Our parents weren't able to be at the birth, but my mom did come a day later and was able to stay with us a couple days, preparing meals and being a wonderful support. Everyone was so happy Scholarwas born into the world. It was a great Christmas present to all of us that December. Needless to say our families loved having a grandchild, the first one on Genius' side, and 2nd on Meek's. We were so happy, tired, and had NO idea what was to come!

M-marriage "In the beginning"

Once upon a time a handsome tan, sun-kissed, golden haired,beautiful blue-eyed, 6 ft tall, hunk-of-a-guy came to church. The church of a shy, small homeschooled(white, didn't get out much) girl. The boy had an amazing passion for Jesus, and was outgoing to boot. The girl thought he was dreamy. The boy didn't talk to the girl...she was too cute (to him)...and that wasn't what church was about anyway!

Three years later we were married. [Genius](19) and [Meek](18)...we were a lovely couple, who made many a happy to see us get hitched. Our wedding was thrown for us by friends and family. Super sweet of them and absolutely beautiful. It was quickly put together as we didn't have much time. Genius flew home from college on Christmas break back to Ca and his soon-to-be bride. We moved to Wyoming a couple of days after the wedding for Genius to finish school. It was a hard adjustment from living in Orange County, Ca all of our lives. Genius was a Catalina baby, who spent the first year of his life on the island and visited back every single year. The rest of his childhood he grew up in Laguna Hills. I was born in Kansas City, KA moved at age 1 to Nellie Gale, Laguna Hills, CA. A couple blocks away from Tom Cruise and right next door to an actress from the Babysitters Club movie who just happened to have babysat me and my cousin...haha...funny! We lived there about 3 years and I spent the rest of my childhood in Mission Viejo, CA.

Back to was cold, cold, cold...did I mention the snow? and below zero temperatures?
Well, we HAD to kept warm and three months later...well, you know...

Which, by the way, I was taking birth control pills. They made me moody, and made me gain weight. I didn't like them, so 2 months after our wedding day, when they ran out, we didn't get more(plus we didn't have any health insurance yet).

So, we had a fun day of a cheap, junkie And later that day, to our excitement, we took a pregnacy test- on April Fools Day, might I add. The test read positive and it wasn't fooling us :) We were blessed and super nervous and kind of freaked out! OK, really freaked out. what were our parents going to think? I was only 18, Genius didn't have a stable job was scary...