Friday, April 9, 2010



Today I went to my mom's to let the kids say hi and to hop on her stationary bicycle machine and get some exercise. I only did a 30 minute, workout, but it's all good. I felt better afterward and it got my heart a-pumping. My mom likes to read different popular women's magazines that she checks out from her local library, while she's working out. Great idea, for free reading material. What do you guys focus on or do to pass time while exercising? Leave a comment and let me know, I'd love to know since my focus was a rather interesting one today.

I just didn't feel like looking at perfect, flawless models and reading more beauty tips(do they ever run out of ideas?), so I ignored the magazine rack and started peddling. I was huffing and puffing in the first minute, lol. I thought of the Lord and wanted to sing praises to Him, but I have no natural talent for singing and it always takes a lot of effort for me to produce even a joyful noise...and even more so while exercising. So, I opted out on that one, though I did offer praises in my heart...than my mind started wandering. This time to a good place.

I closed my eyes and started visualizing my old house in Laramie, WY(moved away almost a year ago). Imaginatively I hopped on my bike and rode down the driveway, passing old neighbors houses in my memory and thinking about each person within those walls. I turned the corner and headed for the street light of the major connecting road into "town"...I passed the Harley Davidson equine tackle shop...a little quaint general store, gas station, and headed under an overpass highway bridge. Next I imagined the old, famous territorial prison and wondered about it's I rode on my little bike(which never even existed in real life), I thought of peddling up hill, pushing harder and harder, make every peddle count! then relaxing on the down hill and cruising down a bridge into town. I stopped at Safeway, chaining up my bike and walking in. I couldn't believe how I sill remembered the lay out of the store and walked through it in the hallways of my memory. I visited the Bath and Body works next door, then headed a few blocks south to the historic, old, cowboy downtown. I passed my FAVORITE restaurant and opted out of dessert since I'm not eating sugar right now(it's true), then I decided to buy my kids toys at a local children's boutique....SO, as I'm fully captivated in my closed eyed day dream the door comes busting open and my mother looks at me funny as I jump a little and open my eyes...hahaha...what a was fun re-visiting Laramie. :) But, I need some new things to fix my mind on while exercising...ideas???


Hannah said...

I always see people reading at the gym, and I honestly have no idea how they can do that! They are always going slower than everyone else because it takes way too much focus to read. You should be sweating and fully focused on getting a good workout since that is the whole objective. Most people listen to music. Do you have an iPod? I think you could download free exercise podcasts of your favorite preachers or exercise ones that will play upbeat music and say encouraging things.

Mariah said...

good idea, I don't have an ipod, but I've wanted one now for awhile!!! Listening to upbeat music and sometimes low key worship music seems like it would hit the spot. thanks, Hannah!

ReneeFromMagalia said...

Hi Mariah, nice blog! When doing cardio (at the gym), I would usually watch tv. Last time I listened to music and it was so much better.
Exercising with my eyes closed, moving to the beat was so much fun and time flew by. Renee