Wednesday, February 10, 2010

K-kids "The next kid in line..."

19 1/2 months after I had Scholar, I gave birth to "Ham". When Ham was born, I hemorrhaged and had to go through 1 and 1/2 hours of torture to get myself back a good recovering state. Ham was so cute and finally after they were done giving me shots and cleaning out my uterus and all that, I was able to hold seemed about 4 hours after birth. I started to notice him turning blue. I called in the nurse and she quickly undressed him and started slapping his butt and back to make him cry, but he was still blue. She took him to the nursery and Genius went with him; he always stayed by his side! It was a very trying time, because no one knew why Ham wasn't breathing well, x-rays came back normal, everything seemed fine. For 3-4 days I couldn't hold him or be with him, he was in the nursery and I was in a room waiting to see when we could bring him home. By God's grace Ham just started breathing normal on his own again and we went home. What I believe happened was some amniotic fluid got stuck in his lungs and he had a hard time getting it out. My labor with him was a breeze (very mild) and I think he didn't get squeezed enough by the contractions. For 4 months after he was born he would wake up in the night and choke and have trouble breathing. I had a nose sucker nearby all the time. I'd have to suck from his throat first and then his nose to clear him up. It was so sad, but he made it through. I'm so thankful God gave us the gift of "Ham", what a little sweetheart he is. :)

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