Monday, December 28, 2009

Recap of the holidays 2009

*While shopping for stocking stuffers (the kids helped pick out their own), Scholar had accidentally given me a black eye in the candy aisle and all 3 kids were going nuts(shouting, running, trying to jump out of the cart) and I was about to lose it, so a complete stranger hugged me and said, "it's ok mom!"...haha, funny. nice old lady!

*Busy(15 months) got a rash Christmas morning...we are really worried it's linked to the raw milk she drank...aye!

*Our Christmas tree was purchased about 4 days before Christmas for only $2.50...awesome! It was a nice 6' tree originally $40.

*I made my first turkey, it was yummy, but not very presentable...all the meat fell off the

*Busy got a sleeping beauty Christmas "ornament" that plays music and spins in a circle. Busy loves pressing the button to listen and watch and then gets up and spins around herself...super cute!

*Ham(3yo) said "mom, why is it Christmas evil?" haha, I said, "no baby, it's Christmas EVE...that just means the day before Christmas." He was concerned about me wishing him a merry christmas funny.

All in all, it was fun...Happy New Year of are getting futuristic now!

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