Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty and Brains Part 1

"Beauty and Brains...she's got both, ugh!"  "He's such an idiot! I don't think he could talk and tie his shoes".

Are you familiar with these types of comments? I am. I've heard them my whole life. I don't know how anyone, living in current American culture, could miss this degrading attitude toward each other.

For women, the obsession for POWER is now getting fierce. Particularly power in beauty. It's breath-taking, and sometimes, it's just-down-right-lower-your-head-and-slowly-shake-it-with-dismay,  troubling.

What about the survival of the fittest mentality? Anything you can do, I can do BETTER (no you can't, yes I, anyone remember that?). Cocky and Haughty and (annoying) is what that is.

Do you ever compare yourself to someone and size them up? It seems to be human nature, or maybe a learned behavior of this country. I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I love America, and I'm proud of my country, but the "religion" sweeping every metropolis to ghost town and every mountain top to beach, has been shocking. I'm not about to preach on politics, but I want to bring the point out that America has forsaken God and taken up a false security in self-power(and our attitude isn't getting any better for it).

What do you hear the media tell you? What do you think the average American thinks "living it up" entails? Maybe to live long? be happy? wealthy, in good shape, liked by most(if not all), powerful, praised in the community, famous, intelligent, accomplished, etc. When you die, will any of that matter?

Take time to think about each question:

Whose the ugliest person that comes to mind? What about the prettiest? How about the smartest? dumbest?

To be Continued....I will post the 2nd half in a couple days!

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Anna said...

Great thoughts! The power thing is so true.