Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beauty and Brains Part 2

So I asked you these questions:
Whose the ugliest person that comes to mind?(you better not say me, :D) What about the prettiest? How about the smartest? dumbest?

 If you could think of someone in each question, you have just categorized them. (I know I forced you to do it, sorry). Now that you feel guilty, let's hammer it in a little, :D
This post is about them! The people we "categorize".

Now, I don't know this to be 100% true, but I believe this with all my heart:
God did not create ANYONE stupid or ugly.

BUT Sometimes, we  feel DUMB. Maybe we didn't go to college, or we didn't get the job, or a good score on an important test. Maybe we made a bad decision at a young age and it has shaped our whole adulthood. Maybe we let insecurity make us a fool. And maybe, sometimes, we feel super SMART (so smart that no one really understands what we are truly capable of). Sometimes, we may feel so hideously ugly that we don't even want to go outside(almost every day for me). On the contrary, we think, if only, some one, would appreciate our true, natural beauty.

Do you ever think you're smarter or better looking than someone else? I do. It's terrible, I know, but it's the truth. I size people up left and right and I'm actually happy when a lady at wal-mart  has cellulite on her legs, but is still wearing shorts, because maybe it's ok that I wear mine too. :) I love to watch people, I notice close to everything, especially clothes. :)

BUT...I have a problem with people who think they are smarter than me.. I have even more of a problem with people who think they are smarter than the guy who stutters or the girl whose blind or even that jerk who doesn't know how to drive right.
I also have a problem with the woman who doesn't talk to me, because I've got a stain on my shirt and my pants are from Target (free with coupon, thank you) and not Ellie Tahari. Or the man who doesn't offer to help the woman in sweats with arms full and 3 kids attached to her side, but opens the door (with pleasure) for the stick figure in stilettos checking her out as she walks in
I can relate to the woman with 3 kids. I've had so many "helpful" people let me know(just in case I didn't), that I have my hands full, and yet they still don't offer to help. LOL!

(Ok, so I've got problems, what's new?)

The point is, we can't go through life looking down on people for their stupid actions and choices.
THEY(the people) ARE NOT UGLY. THEY ARE NOT STUPID. They are created by the same Maker that created you and I. They have the ability to think and reason just as well. That rather weird, crazy feature that may stand out odd, shapes a uniqueness about them that is gorgeous!

God created our brain with an amazing capacity to learn. There are 7 different areas of intelligence, did you know that? While I think I may have 3-4 areas, you may see only one(or none). We have different talents, different strengths and weaknesses, but never mistake those for lack of "brains". People often notice my oldest son when it comes to intellect, but my 2nd son, only a year and a half younger is often skipped over. They have very different personalities. My 2nd son is very smart in a different way than his older brother.  So are we and they.

God created our bodies to function. Sometimes we ruin that through sin, and sometimes, we are born with special weaknesses that God can use to show off His strength and GLORY. I have a friend who is GORGEOUS, I mean, super, super beautiful. She thinks she's horribly ugly, to the point that she has almost band all outside contact to the world. She is overweight, but she's beautiful. Could you imagine the passion she could bring others if she allowed God to bring her joy and let her beauty shine even through any weakness she possesses.

You are beautiful! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sad to say my oldest son doesn't think I'm pretty. And that's ok with me, because God wired him to behold a different type of beauty. My youngest says I am pretty, but I think he'll grow out of it, haha. There are a handful of people I have met who really thought I was pretty, others don't. And still that's ok with me, because there are how many billion other people in the world that need a handful of people to think they are super pretty?
I can see the potential in everyone, but my husband only sees how a person puts himself together, i.e. "his hair is nice, or eww her hair is really frizzy(that's me, all the time, :/ )".
You know what God sees? The heart! Beauty really does come from the inside.

I'm not opposed to putting effort in looking nice. I have a whole blog about it. But, we need to remember that God is not concerned with fashion, but whether we conduct ourselves with grace.

Treat everyone with the same respect and love that God would. And start looking for the beauty in the person that comes across to you as ugly. Or the intelligence in that child that seems to not listen to anything you say.

I  often remind myself that God created everyone beautiful and smart(not all equal in talent, but definitely equal in value). :) YOU are beautiful and SMART!!!! Love to you all!!!!

What do you think? Do you think this is all true? Do you think this thinking has been influenced by a society of "fairness"? Should we categorize people? Or should we be fair, and not categorize them? Tell me your thoughts!

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joyfilled said...

This is a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Lately I've had a few reminders in my own life that God does not make mistakes in what or who he creates. It really does create a peace about everything. God is so good!