Monday, May 10, 2010


OK, so here's my dirty laundry for the week, not really. I felt like I totally didn't deserve to celebrate  mother's day. I had a rough week with the kids. The day after I mustered up the courage to mop the whole house(not very many sq. feet, lol), my kids decide(caleb and lili) to grab eggs out of the fridge and throw them all over the kitchen, while I was on a phone call with the doctors, and had locked myself in a room. I was furious when my phone call was done and I found the house a wreck. I can't trust my 5, 3, and 19 month old to hold it together for 40 minutes...yes, 40 minutes!!! what was I thinking to get so upset with them??? i don't know...anyway, I think I'm blending stories, I'm so wiped out from the week I can't even remember what happened when, every day this week has been wrecking havoc on my poor house cleaning.

Thank God his mercies are new every morning. I'm trying to be a happier mommy. We had an answer to prayer this morning and was given some grace on a doctor bill. I'm praising God, in the GOOD times, because I usually praise Him more in the bad times, these days... I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day!!!

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GlowinGirl said...

Very few of us deserve Mother's Day. It's a gift, just like God's grace. I'm one of those undeserving mamas who has been guilty of stupidity and selfishness. Praising God for forgiving hearts!