Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I want to get to know you...since I don't have any followers, that will probably be hard to do...but whoever you are, whoever is out there...lets have tea or coffee and chat awhile.

What is your favorite:
place to shop?
food?(see my poll at the bottom)
childhood story about you?
recent story about you?


Hannah said...

Hey, Mariah. Great blog! The title is very well thought out and clever! I like how everything you talk about is in a category.
What is your favorite:
color? Red
book? The Bell Jar
movie? Stand By Me
place to shop?
sport? Hockey to watch, soccer to play
car? Ford Mustang and Toyota Tundra
job? I don't have a fave job!
food?(see my poll at the bottom) Italian!

childhood story about you?
One of my favorite memories is sitting on my swing set on Zancon when I was real young. The sun was beginning to set and I could hear my dad playing oldies music and could smell the BBQ. It was a happy day. That is why the hrs between 5-7PM depending on the season is my favorite time of day.

recent story about you? I just watched the movie Superbad by myself and was cracking up! I was completely sober minded too! It was about two best friends (one fat, one skinny). It reminded me of what you and I would have been like if we had been born males and attended high school.

Gavin said...

What is your favorite:
color? - Navy Blue
book? - Hind's Feet on High Places
movie? - LOTR Extended
place to shop? - lol
sport? - skating
car? - Chevy
job? - UW
food?(see my poll at the bottom)- Mexican
childhood story about you? - My dad made tacos once when i had the flu - i still start feeling sick when i smell them - but i love them so much i wouldn't mind tasting them twice.
recent story about you? - I feel really sick right now - probably why i am thinking about puke-ing up tacos.

craftykat said...

color? dark green
book? Jane Eyre
movie? Invincible
place to shop? Craft Warehouse
sport? soccer
car? I'm loving my minivan! (Kia Sedona)
job? ? Actually, I like organizing (can't tell by my house though!)
food? pastries
childhood story about you? well, I'd say it's more of a memory- my favorite childhood memory is of rolling down the hills on the grounds of Scarborough Castle in England and spending time on the North Yorkshire Moors with my Granny and Grandad.
recent story about you? we're working on potty-training our 3 year old, Mia, and of course we encourage her a lot when she does what she's supposed to- so today in the Zoo, when I used the bathroom, she says to me, "good job Mom! High Five!! " :)

Mariah said...

awesome comments, thanks guys!!! craftykat- loved the childhood memory, Hannah-hilarious about the movie reminding you of us, so many things remind me of us in high-school too. :)

Carina said...

color: Purple!! Book: The Giver. It's kinda sad but really good!! Movie: I love all movies! I don't really have a favorite. Place to shop:I just love shopping! I love getting Gabriels cloths from Old Navy or the Gap though. Sport: Is cheerleading or dancing considered a sport??? Car: I love nissan! I want a Pathfinder. Job: I really want to help people which is why I am going to be going to school to be a social worker. Food: I really love all types of food! I don't really have a favorite! Childhood story: The thing I remember most from my childhood is playing dress up with Mariah in our grandmas closet! We used to put on her fur coats and high heels and prance around like we were the stuff!! haha!! THose were the days!!!!!! Recent story: I'll have to get back to you on this one.

Mariah said...

welcome Carina to my blog, and thanks for leaving a comment!purple???? that's my favorite too! and I have the same, fun childhood memory with you (how ironic) :)

GlowinGirl said...

Hi! Just read your post to So Long Insecurity and had to respond here in case you didn't reread it. Your answer to #2 hit home to me. It's an area I have struggled with majorly in the past, and sometimes flares up even now (sigh). Thanks for sharing.

Cute blog!
Oh! Answers:
color -- red
book -- compulsive reader, so I can't pick
movie -- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
shop -- Old Navy and cute boutiques
sport -- soccer or basketball
car -- I'm a minivan mama with a convertible mentality. :)
job -- mama
food -- spaghetti

Sorry I can't do stories right now, but I love the idea! I'm just going to have to add you to the blogs I follow 'cause I'd like to get to know you better. :)

Mariah said...


thanks for the encouraging comment and welcome to my blog. blessings sister in Christ!!! :)