Saturday, September 4, 2010

At my House

If you were to come over to my house, you'd probably find:

  •  All the dishes clean, but the kitchen table not wiped down
  • Most closets neatly organized, but a full laundry basket next to the couch on the livingroom floor
  • A house that is picked up and in order, but has finger prints on the all the walls and doors and the occasional booger wiped in the hallway
  • Floors that are swept up, but hardly ever mopped :/
  • Finances that every penny is accounted for(via computer program), but a pile of papers waiting to...who knows? that's why they're still there
  • AND...A nervous wreck(me)
Why? because of a mouse(actually 2). Ugh, I feel like fainting. I'm a good housekeeper, bad cook, lol. I keep things clean, but yet 2 mice(so far) have found a way to nestle up in MY bedroom!!!! I have no clue how long they have been there!!! *fainting again*

My husband found a hole in the closet of our bathroom wall(attached to our room), which COULD be where they are coming in from, but who really knows? This is an old house and has lots of characteristics to prove it. Bugs and rodents seem to be antiquated with the house (they've been around awhile, esp. on this property).

So, The first one we saw, almost made me pee my pants. I'm not sure if I want to share this with you. Ok, here goes. I was folding laundry, and my sweet Busy girl was hanging out with me as I put each article into a hanging shelf organizer in my bedroom closet. I looked down at her and out of the corner of my eye, this thing fast as lightening, squiggles it's way down from the top shelf of my closet to the 3rd shelf down on the hanging organizer. It stopped in MY folded shirts. I screamed like a crazy woman. My husband and sons ran in the room. To find a hysterical mom holding her baby and hovering on top of a hope chest, trying not to get beamed in the head from the ceiling fan.  Good thing we already ate dinner, because my stomach was in knots. My husband, kids and I took an hour trying to trap that mouse, but it didn't work. I reluctantly went to the store with my whole family looking for friendly traps. When we got home, my room was in shambles from pulling EVERYTHING out of the closet, shoes and all...and the feeling of sound sleep that night was completely gone.

To be Continued...

I threw some of our shoes to the other side of the room to clear a walking path, AND because I love clothes and shoes, I took some pictures. Besides my running shoes, snow boots, pool flip flops, and house slippers, these are all of my shoes:
They may not be the nicest shoes, but all but one pair were under $20. So, it's all good!

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