Monday, May 3, 2010


L for Lilies!!!
This is my beauty tips post...I have actually been hard at work with constructing a blog for properly dressing and inexpensive beauty tips. I LOVE to do a clothing make-over on people. I can do clothes, but hair, not so much, and make-up is only so/so. The blog is called and some other great websites to look at on this topic are listed in my new page on this blog called, "Wardrobe". Clothed with Lilies is under construction, but there are some great tips up now that you can thumb through, most of the tips are thoughts in process, hopefully this summer it'll be completely done. I'm still working on This is the Taste too, I have a lot to work on, but I LOVE blogging, so it's ok to me. :) cha cha cha

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Carri said...

Fun! Wish you could give me a clothing make over. Boy do I need it. I could use a gal 10 years my junior to hel me out. HA! Yes I am that much older than you. I hope it is only 10 years. hmmmm.. it may be more. :)